The BBHT needs new volunteers to help with the restoration, development and maintenance of Bugsworth Basin. We need help, inspiration and motivation towards our establishment of a Museum to Bugsworth, the Basins, the Peak Forest Tramway, and the limestone extractive industry. Here are some ways you could help us right now:

Voluntary Help

Your help with the task of restoration and maintenance of the site, no matter how small, will be very welcome. We have almost every kind of task imaginable, from light gardening, mowing and painting to wall building and dredging. We would like some to help with guided tours and public relations; just stand around and talk to people, encourage them to join in; sell some brochures or souvenirs. If you can't manage the heavy stuff please help when and how you can. Archaeology plays a most important part in Trust affairs, perhaps this is your fortè

Trust Membership/Donations/Gift Aid

You don't need to be an BBHT member to be a volunteer but if you would like to help us financially then please download and print out a membership application form to join the Trust and/or to make a donation. When applying for membership, please consider paying by bankers order, it helps to keep our administration costs low and saves us sending out renewal reminders.  From 6th April 2000, the GIFT AID SCHEME replaced the old Deed of Covenant scheme and all you need to do is sign the attached Gift Aid Form. You are not committed for any length of time and you need do nothing more, but from then on, every time you pay your subscription or make a donation, the Trust can claim back the tax you will have already paid on that sum of money. It costs you NOTHING but it's a valuable source of extra money for the Trust. If you have already signed a Deed of Covenant, your new Gift Aid Declaration will in effect cancel and replace it with this more flexible scheme. You can cancel your Gift Aid Declaration at any time by notifying us in writing.

Subscriptions are renewable annually from the date of election as a member

(1st May for pre 1986 members)

Ordinary £6 Life £100
Joint £10 Corporate £20
Full time student £5 Senior Citizens £5

P sustainable thinking...please print the application forms double-sided


If you represent a company or an appropriate Trust Fund, indeed, if as a private individual you could be sufficiently generous, you may wish to help our fundraising efforts by way of sponsorship. Sponsorship of the restoration work, of events or of essential fundraising efforts which will help get our message to even more potential supporters, could help us realise our objectives more quickly. Perhaps you could help us by holding a sponsored swim or cycle ride, a fete, gala or sale - if so we can willingly help you with publicity and organization of such events.

Gifts in Kind

Land, property, equipment and facilities such as printing - such gifts not only add to the resources of the BBHT or help us to raise funds, they also reflect well on the donor. We are always pleased to acknowledge such gifts publicly.


A legacy to the BBHT is the most valuable donation you can make. A simple codicil is all that it takes. We will be pleased to provide you with advice how this can be done. Remember all legacies to the BBHT are exempt from tax.

Thank you for showing interest in this small but very enthusiastic Trust. We hope that you will join the Trust, that you will be a frequent visitor to the site and support our activities in whatever way you can. Please fill in the application forms and send them to the Hon Membership Secretary at the address shown on the application form.

Data Protection

Applicants should be aware that details of membership are held in a computer database. Such information shall not, under any circumstance whatever, be divulged to any third party, Trust, or other organization.

Last updated 21 August 2014
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